Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spoiled for choice!!

Master glassblower Kevin Prochaska has me spoiled for choice.  I simply dont know which of his amazing crystal and 24k gold pieces I want.  There are dragons, otters and tigers oh my! Mr. Prochaska lists over 240 different crystal sculptures, ornaments, cake toppers and more.   Each piece is amazingly detailed and features master work one would be hard pressed to find elsewhere at this price point. His works start at just $45. 

One of the best and most amazing features of this artist's work is that he not only gives us the dragons and tigers, he also gives us beauty in unexpected places like the opossum, the hedgehog, the bison and the raccoon.

The featured dragon is available for just $75 direct from the artist. 

More images of his work after the jump.

Hedgehog $45
Flying Pig $62.50  
Rocking Horse $62.50
Opossum Family $62.50
Bison $62.50

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  1. That dragon is amazing, and beautiful! My husband would love it :)

    Your newest follower,