Monday, July 11, 2011

Exceptional Plans!

Turn of the Century Crochet Hooks $14
As many of you know I crochet for a living.  I have my fair share of crochet hooks as a result of this.  I have all the main sizes, makes, materials and styles.  The one thing, I don't have is a truly exceptional set of custom crochet hooks.  This is about to change.

Mr. William Schmidt is a co-owner of Turn of the Century Designs, which makes the most amazing and unique wood crochet hooks, knitting needles, hair picks, pens, pencils and other notions. Mr. Schmidt has agreed to work with with me to create my dream hooks.

Mr. Schmidt has been simply wonderful.   I wanted something special and practical as the hook set will be combined  3rd wedding anniversary and 31st birthday gift in one!  We started with a two basic designs for some ergonomic crochet hooks with I tested out over the course of a week to see which ones I would like best.  After selecting a design, we made some minor adjustments to the size.  We then narrowed down the sizes of the hooks I use the most often to be included in the set.  Next he patiently recommended different woods.  After researching wood options I have finalized my wood choice.

This where my story ends, for now.  We have completed that part of the planning or "Dreaming stage" as I call it.   I do not yet have my custom hooks so I will share more amazing hooks already made by Turn of the Century Designs and available for purchase on his site.
Crochet Hooks by Turn of the Century

The hooks shown are all by Turn of the Century designs.  Copyright Turn of the Century Designs

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