Monday, July 18, 2011

Wonderfully Hand Quilted Baby Bibs

Look at the careful pattern placement.
Even though I don't have any children of my own,
I can still spot something unique and exceptional.  Quilted Hugs Bibs are just that.  Barb, owner of QHB, uses time consuming old fashioned quilting to produce bibs that are just stunning.   Each bib is made by carefully selecting the fabric and placement,  then individually quilted using a Pfaff sewing machine.  She uses the same attention to carefully placed patterns and fine finishing that one would expect from a high fashion Paris designer.  Pattern placement like this is time consuming and requires a set of serious skills.

In short each bib is an old fashioned quilt. No computerized patterns or machining for this product.  Waterproof, 100% cotton and completely washable.

Currently priced at $23.99, I fully expect the demand for this high quality luxury item to force the price upward so get them now folks. 
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  1. Her bibs are wonderful. I purchased one for my granddaughter. The quality is exceptional!

  2. Thank you so much for posting my shop on your blog. I've been trying to post this reply for days..finally had to use Firefox, not IE!

    Thanks BJ for adding your comment!

  3. I love Barb's Bibs! She will be featured on my blog in a couple of weeks and we are on the EtsyKids Team together so it has been fun getting to know this great lady. Nice job featuring her work. Please stop by on Fridays I do a Link-Up party of Featured Etsy Artists from around the blogosphere and your posts would be perfect!